Incorporated in Malaysia in 2019, TLKS swiftly morphed into a well-diversified company with business in construction, facilities management, trading, hospitality and media with more than RM100 million worth of contracts in hand.

The main contributor of the group, its construction arm has been actively involved in a wide range of construction works, bagging in projects from numerous government agencies.

TLKS other business segments are also well strategized with strong footing in their respective industry, propelling the group to a greater height.


Born in Malaysia and studied in Applied Mathematics in Computing at University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), the Founder TLKS group, Lim Kok Seng is a serial entrepreneur who wear many hats in the corporate world.

Currently, Lim is holding the position of E-commerce Director of Notebook Plaza Sdn Bhd, serving as the Chief Management Officer at IPMart Holding Sdn Bhd, a company that specialized in career in the IT retails business with Aoneplus Supplies and Service Sdn Bhd and had working his way up to become one of the youngest Branch Manager of the company.

With years of accumulated business experience and extensive networks, Lim found TLKS group (Team Lim Kok Seng) in 2019, participation in diverse business segments to serves the need of larger communities. Within 2 years of founding, TLKS manage to earn trust and with ranges of clients and stakeholders, successfully set foot on 5 different business segments and bagging projects worth million ringgits.

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